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Palestinians for Syria

January 21, 2012

21/01/12 is the Global Day Of Rage For Syria

A peaceful revolution…a revolution against foreign intervention…a revolution against sectarianism and factions.This is the revolution of the Syrian people we know.

For ten months now the Syrian people have marched towards freedom and we have no doubt that they will achieve their liberation. For this reason we see it as a duty to warn them of the dangers of foreign intervention and to express our support for their peaceful revolution against sectarianism and factions.

For ten months the Syrian people have marched steadily towards freedom, despite the criminal oppression of Bashar al-Assad’s regime which uses weapons against its own people, instead of using them to liberate their occupied land, and despite the disagreements among their representatives whom the people gave trust in.

For ten months the Syrian people have marched towards freedom as martyr after martyr is sacrificed, which has only strengthened their resolve and steadfastness to continue their march.

For ten months the Syrian people have marched towards freedom as the world analyzes the meanings behind slogans raised in protests, and satellite channels have garnered more viewers with the increase in bloodshed and murders. The media sells to its viewers talks of a conspiracy or of a civil war, and many powers, sells us their support to freedom or democracy in the Middle East, when they never did. We are confident that these plots will fail and be crushed under the feet of the Syrian Arab People.

Ten months and we have avoided watching the disfigured bodies and the brave women who do not fear facing the live ammunition. Ten months and we chose which channel to hear from about the news of 30, 70, 100 martyrs of Syria, which made us ashamed from our miserable show of solidarity, as at the end of every day dozens of families lose their sons and daughters, with seemingly no one to share their pain with.

We, Palestinian activists and bloggers, on the Global Day of Rage for Syrian Revolution, stress our support for the brave revolutionary Syrians. We strongly reject manipulating the Palestinian cause as a cover under which the Syrian martyrs’ bodies are brushed under and stamped upon by Bashar al-Assad’s regime. It is true we must think logically about the dynamics of the Syrian revolution, but we must put the overwrought analyses aside, because the cost is the blood of our Syrian brothers and sisters. We reiterate our support for the peaceful Syrian revolution and its rejection of foreign intervention amidst the threats of sectarianism, as without our solidarity and faith we have no right in theorizing and preaching to the Syrians who are being murdered one after the other.

تحية فلسطينية للثورة السورية

21.1.12 يوم الغضب العالمي لنصرة الشعب السوري

ثورة سلمية.. ضد التدخل الأجنبي.. ضد الطائفية والفئوية..
منذ عشرة شهور يسير الشعب السوري نحو الحرية وثقتنا به لا تشوبها شائبة لذا نرى أن من واجبنا أن نحذره من خطر التدخل الأجنبي وأن نشد على أياديه للحفاظ على سلمية الثورة التي عودتنا منذ بدايتها على رفض الطائفية والفئوية.
منذ عشرة شهور يسير الشعب السوري نحو الحرية بثبات، رغم تعثر خطواته التي يقطعها إجرام نظام بشار الأسد بأسلحة كانت أولى بحرب تحرير أرضه المحتلة، أو يقطعها اختلاف من ائتمنهم الشعب السوري على تمثيله.
منذ عشرة شهور يسير الشعب السوري نحو الحرية يسقط في مسيرِه شهيدا من يسقط، دون أن يَحدّ القتل ومحاولة تفريق الصفوف من صموده البطولي.
منذ عشرة شهور يسير الشعب السوري نحو الحرية والعالم كله يُحلل شعارات مظاهراته وتحقق الفضائيات نسب المشاهدة المرتفعة فوق دماء شهدائه ويبيع الإعلام الكلام والصور عن حرب أهلية أو مؤامرة، ويتهالك على سورية من لم يدعموا يومًا الحرية والديمقراطية في شرقنا، معتقدين أن مؤامراتهم ونواياهم تنطلي علينا. ونحن على ثقة أن هذه المؤامرات ستتهاوى عند أقدام الشعب السوري العربي العريق، حالما يستعيد عافيته.
عشرة شهور ونحن نتفرج ونؤدلج الموقف ونتفادى مشاهدة الجثث الممثل بها والنساء اللواتي لا يتظاهرن خوفا من الرصاص وننتقي القناة التي سنشاهد فيها خبر استشهاد ثلاثين وسبعين ومئة سوريّةً وسوريًّا ونخجل من تضامننا البائس. . وعندما ينتهي كل يوم ثوري تنام عشرات الأسر السورية دون أحد أبنائها ودون أن يقاسمها ألمها أحد.
نحن نشطاء ومدونون فلسطينيون، وفي يوم التضامن العالمي مع الثورة السورية، نؤكد وقوفنا إلى جانب الشعب السوري الثائر. نرفض بشدة استخدامنا واستخدام قضية فلسطين كسجادة يكنس نظام الأسد جثث ثوار سورية تحتها ثم يدوس عليها أمام عيوننا جميعا. لنفكر عميقا بما يدور حول الثورة السورية وداخلها لكن لنترك التحليل المفرط والفذلكة جانبا لأن الثمن ليس أقل من دماء إخوتنا. لندعم الثورة السورية لتظل ثورة ترفض التدخل الأجنبي وتلفظ الطائفية وتحتفظ بسلميتها، فدون ثقتنا جميعا بها ودعمنا لها لن يكون لنا أي حق بالتنظير والمزاودة على الشعب السوري الذي يُقتل كل دقيقة.

هنابعض الصور التي التقطتها من على واجهات محلات وجدران غزة. نعم, لقد منعتنا السلطات المحلية في غزة من التظاهر لسوريا وقمعت الشباب في الشارع لكن هذه الصور توضح موقف الشعب الفلسطيني الواضح والصريح من ثورة الشعب السوري الحر:
Few photos taken in Gaza in support of the Syrian revolution despite Hamas’s repression to our rallies for the revolution in the streets of Gaza. We are one, you can not silence us:

"Long live Syrian heroes. Death to who he kills the Syrians."

El Assad = Hitler

"We're with the heroes of Syria against El Assad who's obviously not assad (lion), against Maher who's not maher (skillful)"


2011: Kickass year

January 6, 2012

This is coming a little bit late, but it is better than never, ha?

We said goodbye to one of the most eventful, exciting, exhausting and breath-taking years. 2011 managed to keep us on our toes in every single day that passed by waiting, dreaming, analysing, protesting, crying, revolting and fighting for freedom, justice and dignity.

It was quite surprising to see the insanely happy people kissing- or rather kicking- 2011 goodbye.However my feelings were floating in a different horizon. 2011 was a worthy year that I can neither afford forgetting nor can I ignore for it was the year where people had mastered the art of defiance and learned for the first time how to say NO! I cannot forget it because in 2011 people put their freedom above their lives! It is the year where decades-old regimes fell down. The year when the 140 twitter characters repainted the geography of the world. The year Facebook, twitter, Youtube’s “little kids” with claimed “agendas” threatened the world’s and the region’s greatest systems of oppression. The year my three-year-old nephew chanted “The People Want to Topple the Regime” which later led him to ironically claim his needs using slogans such as “The People Want more Chocolate Milk”. The year when mainstream agenda-controlled media got a strike on the head by the amateurs of social media. The year that Arabs finally regained the power to teach the world a lesson in history, bravery and freedom! The year of Bouazizi, who set himself on fire to light our hearts and give us the strength to fight the darkness that has prevailed for too long. The year of the two Palestinian popular resistance martyrs against Israeli occupation:

2011 was a year of spark in Palestine too. How could we forget the bravery of Jawaher Abu Rahma and Mustafa Tamimi who were deliberately murdered by Israeli gas canisters. Yes, make no mistake, these were no accidents, and for that we shall never forget 2011!

The year of the doomsday scene -as my friends describe it- when thousands of Palestinian refugees marched to their stolen Palestinian lands from Syria, Lebanon in commemoration of the sixty-three anniversary of our 48 Nakba. May 15th of last year was something else. It had a different flavor, the flavor of optimism and hope that I have not had the pleasure of knowing before. It was a turning point in my life and the lives of many young Palestinian refugees who believed the dream of return was out of reach. 2011 taught me I was wrong and for the first time I am happy to be wrong! The persistence of those young people giving away their lives for a homeland -secured by UN resolutions
and breached by them too- made me believe that justice is not only doable but also durable if only we keep that persistence inside.

On a personal level, I have been subjected to the most dignifying and humiliating treatment in one year, yes it is still 2011. I had the honour of getting arrested by the de-facto government of Hamas for standing in solidarity with the Egyptian revolutionaries in their fight for justice. I have been interrogated by Hamas’s interior security for traveling. I have been sexually harassed (both in Egypt and Gaza). And for my disperse I have lost a friend and a fighter who used his mere body to defend Palestinian civilians, farmers, and fishermen-Vittorio Arrigoni. I also had the honour of getting attacked and beaten up by Hamas government while protesting the national division that has prolonged for over five years and reduced our dreams of liberty to struggle for water, relief, and breadcrumbs. It seems claiming unity and social justice automatically means one thing to both Fatah-led Palestinian Authority and the de-facto government of Hamas=collaboration and foreign agendas. Unlike all young people in the Arab world, when young Palestinians took the streets in 15th March 2011, they demanded “National Unity” and political representation. Everyone left their factional flags behind and for the first time the Palestinian flags were covering the streets, so colourful, peaceful and uniting. What started virtually on the pages of social media was translated into actions that were too loud to be silenced and hidden despite the deliberate targeting of journalists and anyone who had a camera or a cell phone. The persecution did not end by the end of the demonstrations. In Gaza Hamas is still threatened by our defiance and its interior security has been busy ever since. When arrested I was treated like a criminal, someone of no ethics, education or dignity. Every time I am interrogated I see patriarchy manifested in their questions, comments, and jokes about a woman’s activism. The more mockery they made, the less powerful they seemed in my eyes. 2011 taught me to pity them and pity all those who passed their judgements on who I am (including family members) because a woman’s activism-unlike men’s- is not worthy of respect. A woman with a record in the Ministry of Interior is a woman of “reputation” a woman stripped of “decency” and “honour”, a woman of “stains”! But not once have I ever questioned that this is Gaza! Our Gaza that embraces all her sons and daughters irrespective of their differences, beliefs, and gender.
The misery was later complete with the death of two family friends, and a denial of entry visa to our beloved Tunis for the Third Arab Bloggers Conference.

On the other hand, it was the time when I felt the need and the will to say enough. I was inspired by Vittorio’s bravery that put me and my friends in the corner and urged us to protest the occupation in the “buffer zone” and support farmers end the confiscation of their lands and destruction of their livelihoods. Something that seemed more sound than running after two allegedly legitimate Palestinian governments to persuade them of unity.

Heading to the "Buffer Zone"

I travelled, for the very first time in my life, to Paris and Egypt for one month and a half. My trip opened my eyes to injustice we –Gazans- are not even able to comprehend. It only hits you when you see the outside world and only then life literally becomes unbearable. I will always remain thankful for that experience for I could finally say that my connection to the outside world has finally gone beyond the virtual walls of social media.
I finally got to meet my aunt’s family who lives in the West bank (for those who don’t know, Gaza and West bank are geographically separated and Palestinians need to obtain special Israeli permits to move in between and those permits are almost never given). We met in Sharm Al Sheikh where we had some five –FAMILY- magical days.

2011 made me realize that no matter how bad all our leaders turned out to be, we do have some amazing and extraordinary young activists whom I met personally or virtually through social media. And those with their unlimited energy are the engines of the change!

I can say that if it were not for all the ghastly experiences I have been through, the atrocious news I have been following, I would not be who I am today. I would have not had the passion and experience that urged me to blog, share and connect to the outside world.

2012 can only be the time when the rest of the people will get the infection of “change” and will wake up to question everything in attempt to find the truth, search for freedom, and live in dignity. But for those who already did, it will be the time to charge up and carry on what they had started and who knows? Maybe 2012 will be a time to harvest what they had planted and sacrificed throughout the glorious year of 2011.

2011 taught us that no matter how dark and unjust life can be, we still have a choice. For living is a decision and living in dignity is also a decision if only PEOPLE believed! Power to the people

Happy 2012 everyone…everywhere