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Arabs’ got Revolutions!

March 29, 2011

Arabs’ Got Revolutions!
As I say goodbye to March 29th, I also say goodbye to Mohammed Bouazizi. Haven’t heard of him? He’s that young, simple street vendor who died of burns in Tunisia after standing up for not just his family’s income, but also his own dignity. He refused to surrender his fruits and vegetables after being accosted by police, and from that brief incident steps were set in motion not just for his own death, but also the rebirth of the region. And because today was his birthday, I pass on my thanks. May he rest in peace.
Like so many before him, the police refused to listen to his concerns and attempted to send him home. That’s when he decided, out of a sense of powerlessness and the shame he felt for what happened to him in front of everyone in the local market, to set himself on fire. But from this, he became the spark lighting all the revolutions the Arab dictators are currently facing. Because of him, the Arab history of this era will now be studied as pre-Bouazizi and post-Bouazizi. Because of him, the Tunisian revolution first ignited and then neighboring countries similarly caught fire. Both Tunisia and Egypt are now altogether different countries because of what Mohammed started, and Libya,Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Palestine and Jordan are moving in that direction. This new Arab World was created by this young man who didn’t even know what he was setting in motion when he went to make the first stand. If only he were alive to see the abundance of dignity and pride he brought to the Arab world!

“Arabs’ Got Revolutions!” Reflecting on Mohammed’s lead, I decided this would be a fitting title of my first post while I was watching a new show called “Arabs’ Got Talent”.I’ve heard A LOT about this show; everyone talks about it nonstop. At first it didn’t exactly catch my attention, but with this show’s fever spreading further, I’ll admit I got curious and thought I MUST see it. And I did, but as first expected, the show was rather talentless, at least for what is valued today. While watching I thought that if this show were broadcast a year ago, maybe then it would’ve made some sense to me. Maybe I would’ve watched it and appreciated some talent here or there. But no longer.
The thing is that now I see only ONE show and only ONE talent the Arabs have which is worth following: fighting for something more! This is the only show for me that is worth watching. It’s my (and a lot of other people’s) fever right now. How could it not be with the first questions popping into my mind every morning during the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions being “Did Ben Ali resign? Is Mubarak gone?!”

Every single morning I woke up to the news of Sidi Bouzeid and Tahrir Square, and now on to Libya,Syria, Yemen and the rest of the revolutionary countries’ news. I know I shouldn’t be having something against this “Arabs’ Got Talent” thingie, but my new & refreshing Arab pride won’t let me enjoy anything less than what these simple, pure, credible, oppressed,poor and peaceful people are doing in the streets every single day, finally standing up for themselves, for their kids’ future, for their countries’ welfare! It amazes me more than a traditional television program could ever dream.
Such suddenly outdated television is now unoriginal, copied and brought to us merely to fill naive Arab minds with more trivial and corny programming as usual. BUT these revolutions are proudly homemade and born out of the unique, unbearable & genuine injustice, suppression, cruelty and corruption our Arab leaders practice on their nations. And from this springs such sincerity that is simply at another level than what we’ve been offered (and accepted) in the past. It is a new era.

So, it must now be shared, the 29th of March is not only Bouazizi’s birthday. It’s also the day before the great Palestinian “Day of Land”. The day when all of the Palestinians across the world will take the streets to demand their right of having a country, of ending the Zionist, barbaric Occupation by the one and only means that truly gives us strength and respect: UNITY & END OF DIVISION! That is exactly what Palestine needs right now. Not to rip down, but to build back up. Palestine needs its people of all different ideologies, colors and affiliations to stand united as one, after being apart for long, to say their words together, to fight apartheid together, to get back to their homeland together,to build their Gaza together, to connect to the West Bank together and to aspire for a united Palestine together! That’s why the March 15 popular movement exists! It all started on March 15th two weeks ago and quickly encountered Hamas’ violence and Fatah’s vague promises – neither following with any real action. So the streets are again the Palestinian last resort to get what is ours!

Tomorrow I’ll update you with what will happen on the ground in Gaza. It’ll be the next episode of our real and essential talents, “Arabs Got Revolutions!” This isn’t television, this is our lives. This is our country. Stay tuned.